Story number 5 for 13 Aug 2001

By August 13, 2001

(Uganda)–And, International Needs Network has been reporting encouraging results from their program in Uganda. Aside from the boom in evangelistic outreach, there has been another side effect. INN’s Dave Culross says over an eight-week period, the church saw a rash of mysterious fires, one of which burned down a pastor’s home. “Finally, the Christians decided they should band together and they declared two days of fasting and prayer. Since that time, there have been no further fires. When you’re doing active for the Lord Jesus Christ, you can expect resistance from the human enemies here in this world, and from the powers that oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Culross says the church needs support. “Pray for protection physically and spiritually from the attacks on our Christian leaders there, and then pray that the superstitions of the Africans in these areas will be overcome and that the Gospel will be spread into new areas that have never heard it before.”

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