Story number 5 for 14 Mar 2002

By March 14, 2002

(Rwanda)–We close today’s broadcast with a story from the borders of the Rwanda. African Enterprise’s Malcolm Graham says their work in the area is a partnership with the local church. The recent volcanic eruptions in the Congo acted as a catalyst for workers not only to meet current physical needs of the refugees, but also to meet underlying spiritual needs. “How do you help people who have lost their loved ones through their neighbors attacking them? How do reconcile, how do you forgive people, how do you deal with the pain? So, we’ve been helping people; we’ve been training people.” Graham says African Enterprise is dedicated to evangelism and is dependent on the prayers and financial support of other believers. “I think that this like is a Macedonian call for Christians around the world not to neglect these people who’ve had one disaster after another. They must be quite beside themselves. They just thought that they were getting over one situation, and then they enter another.”

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