Story number 5 for 16 Jan 2003

By January 16, 2003

(USA)–And finally, many Americans are looking forward to the Super Bowl next week, but this Saturday, hunger will be tackled in San Diego. It’s Operation Blessing’s Supper Bowl IX. Operation Blessing International’s Kristen Vischer says it’s a Super Bowl event that’s expecting 15-thousand people. “It’s a great way for getting the low-income fans involved in the event. And so, we just want to involve the lower income class to come in and have fun and be guests at a community festival; and, we give away the groceries as well.” The festival features sports clinics with pro-athletes, free medical services, entertainment, and more. Vischer says it’s not an event with a hard-hitting Gospel message. “Supper Bowl is more of, ‘By their deed, by their love you shall know them’. It’s not overtly religious or evangelistic, but we definitely have one-on-one time, sharing with people.”

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