Story number 5 for 19 Dec 2000

By December 19, 2000

And finally, national Christians in Mozambique are being mobilized to take the Gospel to unreached areas of their country. Operation Mobilization’s Christopher Agenbag (AH-ghen-BAHG) is spearheading the effort. “We are working in the northern part of Mozambique. And, what we are doing there, we are a missions training base where we are training local believers specifically for missions and outreach.” Agenbag says they’re targeting the Yoa (yow) and the Macua (mah-COO-ah) peoples with this outreach. He’s expecting great success. “The people are very open to be trained in outreach. And, they are definitely much better qualified than us western missionaries. We find in terms of the language (and) the culture they (are) just so much closer to the people in lifestyle.” The outreach will kick into high gear next year.

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