Story number 5 for 2 Apr 2001

By April 2, 2001

(USA)–And, a United States based organization is revolutionizing the way Bible translation is done. The Seed Company, a ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators, empowers nationals to translate scripture. The Seed Company’s Scott Fetteroff says they’re more effective because of the cluster approach. Fetteroff explains. “We can use some experienced translators, be they members of Wycliffe, or nationals that have been trained by members of Wycliffe and simultaneously work on a number of other languages. Instead of doing one translation at a time, doing as many as 12 translations at one time, which really multiplies the efficiency.” Fetteroff says scripture is essential to leading the lost to Christ. “Having scripture in a language that a person can understand is the first step toward accomplishing the Great Commission. You just can’t become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ you can’t become a disciple unless you know what Jesus is saying to you through His word.” Missionary workers are needed to help in their effort.

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