Story number 5 for 20 Mar 2002

By March 20, 2002

(Mexico City)–And, job training is making a difference in the lives of young people in Mexico City. Medical Ambassadors International’s John McWilliam says evangelistic work there is responding to needs that are so far, undermet. “We’re partnered with a group working with street youth in Mexico City. They’re reaching out and doing an excellent work with reaching the young people who are living on the streets of Mexico City, of which there are thousands and thousands of them.” McWilliam says as their teams work through the Community Health Evangelism program, or CHE, they teach the young people something more permanent. “The real change that takes place in their lives, where they have the power to stay away from drugs and really come off of drugs and come around and see their lives change, is when they really come to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, as part of the overall program.” MAI trains nationals in basic medical care, as well as training them to evangelize and disciple their neighbors. The result is a stronger local church body.

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