Story number 5 for 20 Oct 2000

By October 20, 2000

And finally, a ministry in the United States is encouraging Bible reading as a way to point people to Christ. Bible Pathway Ministries provides a daily devotional commentary designed take readers through the Bible in one year. Bible Pathway’s Ken Sharp says they want to assist the Christians and non-Christians. “Not only are we wanting people to imitate Christ as Christians, but the non-Christians to come to know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. In each day’s reading we have a section where we bring out how Christ is revealed so that they can see that each and every day of the Old and New Testament reveals Jesus Christ.” Sharp says they’re doing something special to encourage more scripture reading. “This year, of the year 2001, we are making available, at no charge, up to 200,000 January editions of Bible Pathway monthly devotional commentaries.” Commentaries are available in 30 languages.

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