Story number 5 for 21 Jun 2002

By June 21, 2002

(USA)–And, today is the 214th anniversary of the day the United States Constitution went into effect. The Center for Christian Statesmanship believes this is a good time to remember that many of those involved with the document’s drafting were Christians. The Center’s Dr. Frank Wright says this is significant. “It means they recognized the sinful nature of man, the fallibility of man, and that too much power should not be entrusted to any one individual. So, they structured our government with a separation of powers, between the judicial, executive, and legislative functions.” When asked how encouraging statesmanship mirrors the Christian ideals, Wright said: “Our role is to minister the Gospel of Christ to the nation’s leaders but as part of that, we feel the very high calling of holding up the high ideals of Christians statesmanship. So, it’s well within the bounds of our mission statement to talk to members and influential congressional staff at least about the ideals that were given us by the founders.”

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