Story number 5 for 21 May 2002

By May 21, 2002

(Bolivia)–And, finally, Operation Blessing International has a new Chief Operating Officer, Bill Horan. As part of his immersion into the outreach of the group, Horan will join a special medical missions team going to South America this summer. He’s excited about the response, so far. “We have a mission scheduled for Bolivia in July. We’re going with a team of 43. We’ve been invited by the First Lady of Bolivia, and have the support, not only of the community where we are going, but the First Lady of Bolivia has helped to make arrangements with both the Air Force and the Bolivian Navy to support our efforts.” Horan says through their work on the medical missions’ trip, there comes opportunity to share the Gospel.
“People ask, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Each member of the team can answer in their own personal way of how Christ has moved them to participate in something like this, to volunteer their time.”

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