Story number 5 for 22 Feb 2002

By February 22, 2002

(USA)–And, there’s an opportunity to have a double impact on the blind around the world. Christian Blind Mission International’s ‘Vision 2020’ initiative is an effort to strike avoidable blindness from the face of the earth. The President of CBMI, Alan Harkey, says they’ve received a grant to help them. “We were contacted by a Christian Ophthalmologist who gave us 3.5 million dollars to help bring eyesight to people around the world, physically and spiritually. But, the condition is that we need to find some way to match that.” Harkey says millions of people are losing their sight daily. He says helping the blind has spiritual significance. “And, when we’re able to come in and open their physical eyes and then turn their eyes on Jesus we are not only exponentially attacking the problem of physical blindness, but spiritual blindness. Because, that person who was blind and now can see goes and tells many others about that.”

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