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Published on 24 January, 2001

Story number 5 for 24 Jan 2001

(America)–And finally, we focus on America,where the goal of Life Action Ministries is to glorify God through revival among God’s people, resulting in a spiritual awakening among the lost. Life Action is holding special meetings in Louisiana and Texas. Tim St. Clare gives us this update from Louisiana. “Each night there seems to be quite a spirit of conviction. Points where normally people would be free to laugh and respond, these people, I think in some ways were kind of in spiritual shock. Maybe thinking they were doing better than what they really are spiritually and God’s been raising the bar.” Life Action’s Steve Canfield, who’s in Texas, says a man’s spirit of repentance to a sister-in-law, opened doors to see eight family members come to Christ. “That was really a blessing to the people, and again, to see how when we obey God opens the doors to evangelism and various other things.”

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