Story number 5 for 24 Oct 2000

By October 24, 2000

And, education is something that’s highly regarded in third world countries. Because of that, Worldwide Christian Schools is using it as an opportunity to provide education and spiritual guidance. Worldwide Christian School’s Executive Director Bill Sytsma. “We help responsible Christian organizations worldwide to develop Christian schools. That’s our mission statement. And, it’s sharing the joy of Jesus through Christian education. Right now we’re operating in 29 countries. We’ve developed 123 schools, with a total enrollment of a little in excess of 28,000 children.” Child sponsorship helps fund the program, which Sytsma says opens doors for evangelism. “Christian education is dynamite to share the Gospel with the children. The teachers are Christians and they share the joy of Jesus with these children and through the academics as well as the spiritual many of these children become followers of Jesus.”

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