Story number 5 for 24 Sep 2002

By September 24, 2002

(Ukraine)–And, a recent trip to the Ukraine opened doors, eyes and many possibilities for evangelism. ABWE’s Larry Golin recently returned from the Ukraine. He joined ‘Joni and Friends’ for an outreach to a different people group. The teams gave away nearly 100 wheelchairs to the disabled. “It was, in many ways, quite unique because they had never seen anything quite like it before, and there was such a great need for people to minister to the disabled-they were just the most unreached people group in the world, and especially in the Ukraine.” Golin believes such an endeavor helps the local church reach out as well. “It opened the doors to the government, it opened the doors to the ordinary person, because it was put on television; it opened the doors to reaching ordinary people as well as disabled people, because they saw the compassion.”

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