Story number 5 for 26 Jul 2002

By July 26, 2002

(China/USA)–And, an Internet web site is being used to point Chinese web browsers to Christ. David Sanford is with the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. “We’ve had an English home page and a Spanish language web site that both get a tremendous amount of traffic. But, for the first time we’ve done a foreign language web site that’s seeker friendly. It seeks to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Chinese speaking and Chinese reading individuals throughout the world.” Sanford says many are hoping this site will somehow be the springboard to get Palau into China for evangelistic meetings regularly. “He’s already had the opportunity to present the Gospel in Shainghi. His dream and prayer is to be able to go back and preach in the huge soccer stadium there in Shainghi to over 100,000 people. And, then be able to go to other cities throughout China.” You can find the site at: Palau-dot-org.

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