Story number 5 for 26 May 2003

By May 26, 2003

(USA)–And, a Christian radio network in North America is trying to reach the isolated bush population in Alaska with the Gospel. Scott Hill is an engineer for two stations that are operated by the Northern Light Network. Hill says that KCAM has a new studio that allows them to not only share the Gospel but also addresses other needs. “It includes teaching and preaching. Then we also cover news, weather, personal messages put on the air for people that don’t have two-way communication in the bush. This is the church for people that are out in the bush. For them, KCAM is providing their church.” Hill is a missionary engineer with Send International and is currently raising support to return. He says the team’s greatest need is for additional engineers. “You work with technology you have to have somebody that can fix the technology. It is currently a very large need so that we can keep the stations on the air reaching out into the bush there. “

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