Story number 5 for 27 Jun 2001

By June 27, 2001

(USA)–And, AMG International is trying to raise awareness for a developing ministry aimed at the 2004 Olympics in Greece. To that end, seventeen riders completed a cycling trip this month from Tennessee to Ontario, Canada. AMG spokesman Paul Jenks says they stayed in churches along the way. “We were able to make presentations to the different church groups, the youth groups and we were featured on news reports on radio and television and many newspapers along the way, and were able to share our vision for what we think God is going to do in Greece through AMG in just a few summers away.” Not only did the group share their vision for their upcoming project in Greece but one rider also had the privilege of leading someone to Christ. “One of our riders, the men from AMG, introduced her to one of the ladies and she proceeded to lead her to Christ that morning and just even for that one event made the whole trip worthwhile.”

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