Story number 5 for 27 Jun 2002

By June 27, 2002

(Mexico)–And, agricultural tensions have calmed between the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca in Mexico. The poverty levels have risen, while trade issues have made little progress. However, YUGO Ministries’ Wayne Freeland says the plight of the Oaxacan Indians has proven to be an open door for their ministry. “One of the groups of people we work with and are ministering to, is south of Ensenada. Their poverty is perpetuated; there are a lot of opportunities for our meeting their practical needs while ministering to them.” Freeland says this is an opportunity to use practical skills to evangelize. “The feeding program takes place in the church. When we build a house for someone, we select people through the pastor from that local church, so that the focus of the ministry is really on that local church, where they obviously have been exposed to the Gospel.”

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