Story number 5 for 28 Aug 2003

By August 28, 2003

(Russia)–And, summer camp is a vehicle for changed lives in Russia. The Slavic Gospel Association helps many young people take advantage of the experience. SGA’s Eric Mock says not only is it a fun time before school, it is also a time for spiritual awareness. “The opportunity now to take the kids to a Christian summer camp is a wonderful evangelism opportunity and it opens the door for ongoing discipleship. What we’re hearing from the reports that are just now coming in is that there were many changed lives, many young lives coming to Christ.” Mock says more than just a new faith, it gives the church an introduction into that community, and potential ministry. “What we like to see in any outreach that is more seasonal, like the summer camps, is the opportunity for these churches to reach out into the community and grab a hold of these kids, present them with the Gospel that they would understand God’s love for them, and then have the opportunity for developing a relationship for ongoing discipleship.”

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