Story number 5 for 28 Feb 2003

By February 28, 2003

(USA)–And, Worldwide Christian Schools have typically been involved in overseas programs but recently have focused their attention on the poorest Indian reservation in the United States. Spokesman Dale Dieleman, says they hope to help educate and train at-risk Lakota students. “In terms of setting up an alternative vocational school which will also be really understanding more of their own roots and their own cultural heritage as well as leadership skills and even business skills and how to set themselves up in small business, etc.” “The Lakota Training and Leadership Institute” in South Dakota, plans to begin classes this summer. Organizers say they hope to show God’s love through the job skill training, self-esteem building exercises and relationship that are built. “We want to partner with them but not really to take the leadership. Working with basic Lakota values but also interpreting them through the eyes of Christ and through biblical perspectives.”

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