Story number 5 for 29 Nov 2001

By November 29, 2001

(Latin America)–And finally, teaching the Prayer of Jabez will be the focus of the World Teach program for the year 2002. That’s the word from Walk Thru the Bible’s Terry Sparks. Sparks says the Dominican Republic was the site for the most recent launch of World Teach. “We had over a thousand people attend the teaching of the Pray of Jabez and then we had some 250 people that we trained to teach that course, which was the launch for Central America and the Caribbean.” Sparks describes the focus of the World Teach program. “The focus is to disciple the existing Christians, but obviously we have opportunity to have people who do not know Christ yet come to the teaching of the courses and they have an opportunity to receive Christ.” Walk Thru the Bible is committed to training one Bible teacher for every 50-thousand people worldwide.

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