Story number 5 for 3 Oct 2002

By October 3, 2002

(USA)–And, who heals the doctor if the doctor gets hurt? That’s the thought behind a new ministry at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida. The agency’s new pastoral care minister, Jared Jenkins. “When missionaries come on furlough, or on home assignment, a lot of them are coming for different needs. Many of them need a rest. Some of them need a sabbatical. A lot of them have some emotional trauma that they’ve been through, and they need to be restored before they can go back to the field.” Jenkins, a former missionary to Suriname, says his background is common ground when dealing with the unique needs of the missionaries served by D&D Missionary Homes. “When they come here, they needs somebody who has been there, who has been in their shoes, who can understand a little bit of what they’ve gone through. They need someone who can pray with them; they need someone who can really help them.”

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