Story number 5 for 30 Oct 2001

By October 30, 2001

(International)–And, earlier this year, we previewed a series of trips called the “Global Urban Trek”. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Scott Bessenecker says since this spring, the world has drastically changed. Bessenecker says for participants, their worldview likely changed as well, especially since September 11th. “They are more galvanized in their commitment to go and ready to give what it takes to minister. Post-September 11th, the poor are still poor. And, there’s still an incredible need for those who will take risks to live and work among them.” Bessenecker adds, for many who went on the Trek, the struggle is living the radical Christian life. “This is about extreme devotion and extreme mission. There are people on earth who are not going to hear or feel the love of Christ unless some individuals go and live amongst them. And, their conditions are so terrible that it’s going to take someone who’s got a measure of calling.”

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