Story number 5 for 6 Aug 2001

By August 6, 2001

(USA) — And finally, a ministry that reaches out to the spiritual needs of prisoners in the United States is expanding. David Schuringa is with Crossroad Bible Institute. “We going to begin an Hispanic ministry. We’ve been getting hundreds of requests for Bible studies from Spanish speaking inmates. And so, our goal is, in this coming year, is to translate all of our materials, all the Bible study lessons, and the manuals for the instructors into Spanish and to train Spanish speaking instructors.” Crossroad Bible Institute reaches prison inmates with the truth of God’s word through correspondence classes. Schuringa says there’s a great need for this new program. “20-percent of the incarcerated persons in this country at this time are Hispanic. And, we want to reach them. There just seems to be a hunger for the word of God among that population too. So, we’re very, very excited about launching that program.”

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