Story number 5 for 6 Sep 2001

By September 6, 2001

(USA)–And finally, those addicted to missionary work are the subjects of a new book that’s recently been published. The book is called “The Missions Addiction” written by Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance. Shibley says the youth missions movement is his major focus. “There’s a whole new generation that is immerging that I believe is a missions addicted generation. This marvelous immerging generation, I think, is more intense probably than any pervious generation of American Christians.” According to Shibley everyone with a passion for souls can benefit from this book. “Whether it’s hands on missionary endeavor cross culturally, or as an intercessor, or as a giver to the cause of Christ around the world. There is a specific role that everyone can play in this massive drama to bring worldwide worship to His Son.”

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