Story number 5 for 7 Apr 2003

By April 7, 2003

(Haiti) — And, children are getting involved in radio evangelism in Haiti through Operation Saturation. It’s a ministry of Men For Missions — the layman’s voice of OMS International – designed to lead all of Haiti to Christ by 2004 by distributing fixed tuned radios. Men for Mission’s Wayne King says they use Sonny Solar to promote child involvement. “Sonny Solar is a cartoon character that talks to kids on the internet, their vacation Bible schools not only here in the U-S, but around the world. The radio itself is sponsored for 30-dollars, but kids can understand how kids in another part of the world can be reached with a technology they understand.” VBS materials are available. King says this program does more than place radios. “It will also help to keep that radio station on the air. So, it’s not just a radio, but it’s an entire program not only to send the message, but to maintain the message on into the future.”

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