Story number 5 for 7 Jan 2003

By January 7, 2003

(USA)–And finally, with the New Year underway, one ministry is looking ahead to the things it hopes to accomplish. Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhoffer explains that they’ve set a goal of recording the Scriptures in five new languages this year. However, meeting that goal may provide a unique challenge as well. “We’re hoping that in spite of the economic problems that have effected so many organizations here in the United States, that we’ll be able to continue to record these different languages and make God’s Word available for both evangelism and equipping.” Dudenhoffer says in order to see these goals come to pass, they are relying on a change of heart. “In some places, people have just overlooked the value of putting God’s Word into audio for the many non-readers, and so, we’re actually looking to the mission organizations to begin to consider the possibility of including some sort of an audio scripture ministry in their program. We just want to help them be successful.”

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