Story number 5 for 8 Jan 2002

By January 8, 2002

(Australia)–And, a United States based children’s camping ministry is reaching out to abused children in Australia. Royal Family Kids’ Camp’s Wayne Tesch is in Australia to train churches down under how to start summer camps for abused and neglected children. “We’re in the process of having the churches understand that they can make an incredible difference in the communities in which they live. So, we’ll help the Aussie church to be able to better identify and be able to minister effectively to abused kids.” Tesch says the terror attacks and the war on terrorism will have little impact on children in their program. “True terror are kids who live in an abusive home. Being hit, thrown up against a wall, locked in closets, I think they’re more concerned about that than they are about a terrorist someplace else in the United States of somewhere around the world.”

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