Story number 5 for 9 Jul 2003

By July 9, 2003

(Chile)–And finally, a 30 year missionary veteran to Chile sees training nationals has her top priority in the years ahead. Wilma Cross is with Youth with a Mission. Cross says teaching Christians how to reach out in mercy is a big need in Chile, especially in light of the economic problems. “What I call our school is a mercy school, a mercy, discipleship training school, which is for anyone for anyone who has a heart to reach out to those who are in some kind of great distress.” Cross, who is staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says training Chileans could help in international missions. “A Chilean person is not somebody that’s taboo in an Arab country. And so, where you and I are as north Americans can not go, a Chilean can go and fit in and not have all the cultural baggage that is against us.”

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