Story-tellers are teaching villages in the Philippines about Christ

By March 16, 2007

Philippines (MNN/NTM) — More than 30 Tala Andig believers in the Philippines are traveling from
village to village sharing the Gospel.  These Bible teachers currently teach in about 20 villages and schools
each week.

New Tribes Mission
reports some of the villages are 30 miles
(50 km.) away and the Bible teachers use motorbikes to travel to their classes.
They face bad weather and even danger of being attacked on the road in order to
bring the Gospel message to other villages.

One small remote village has struggled with poverty because of enemies who plot
against them. While, they're fearful of all those who live around them, they
have a desire to hear God's Word.

Four believers have taken the challenge and are going to the village each
Thursday. The women teach the children in the school building and the men are
teaching the adults in one of the homes.

Last month someone told them they would be marked with 666 if they listened to
their stories. Their tendency to fear everything caused many to stop attending
the lessons. However, after talking with the missionaries they returned.

Pray that the Tala Andig villagers will continue to listen to the Words of
Truth and will trust in the One who gives peace and freedom from fear. Pray
also for the Tala Andig teachers who faithfully teach the Gospel message.

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