Storytelling method spreads like wildfire

By December 11, 2009

India (MNN) — In Andhra Pradesh, storytelling training is spreading like
wildfire. Partners International associate Church Growth Association of India
(CGAI) regularly hosts 10-day seminars to train indigenous women in biblical
storytelling, small groups, and ministry outreach. After these seminars, women
emerge skilled in storytelling evangelism. As they train other women, ministry
fruit is multiplied.

"One of the important aims of any ministry is to see the leaders who
are developed in the field take initiative and continue the ministry without
financial assistance from outside sources," said CGAI Director Vasantharaj
Albert. "This unique characteristic signals the beginning of a movement –
it is a sign that God is at work."

In a recent 10-day seminar, 20 women of the Koya people group exhibited astounding
natural talent. Some of them were day laborers who sacrificed their wages to

"None of the women were literate, but their ability to retell the Bible
stories was amazing!" Albert continues. "They exhibited unbelievable
skills and talents in grasping the biblical narratives of several key stories.
Neither our staff nor their ministry leader was aware of their God-given
talents when we began the seminar."

When the training concluded and the women returned to their villages, they
immediately took action. Five crossed the nearby river and journeyed to meet a
neighboring ministry leader. They talked with the leader about arranging a
seminar to teach other women what they had learned.

"By God's grace, another group of 14 women attended an eight-day CGAI
leadership training seminar, which taught storytelling, small group formation,
and ministry outreach methods."

An Orissa ministry asked seminar-attendees to host a training seminar. The
team taught 50 Koya women singing, dancing, and dramatization of Bible stories.
Attendees were encouraged to start small groups, and then to reach the non-Christian
community through those small groups.

"The women are requesting additional training, as they are eager to
learn more and be discipled."

Ask God to bless these women who are eager to share the Gospel. You can send
a woman to ministry training and double her impact for Christ by clicking here .

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