Strategies are being developed to help Latin believers reach the world with the Gospel.

By October 23, 2003

Latin America (MNN) — In the wake of a consultation on the role of missions in Latin America today, strategies are being developed to help propel the Latin American church into worldwide missions.

Latin America Mission’s David Befus says that consultation is helping them prepare for the future. He says, “we’re sorting through a lot of the discussion, comments, suggestions from the workshop. We will be publishing that and sharing it with mission agencies.”

These strategies will be used for LAM’s future planning. He says, “in addition to promoting this process with our Latin American partners, we’re using this as a way to establish our own planning and actually use it for our next steps, planning our next steps for our own investments, for our own resources, for our own recruiting process.”

Befus says the Latin American church can play a major part in evangelizing even the Muslim world. “That was a major component of the meeting to talk about how can missions from North America help the Latin missions movement as they reach out from Latin America to the rest of the world. We find our self as partners with the Latin church in reaching Latin America and the world.” Pray that the strategies outlined will help Latin American believers be even more effective in evangelistic outreach.

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