Students at a Christian school in India are killed.

By November 20, 2003

India (MNN) — Years of tribal warfare in northeast India has struck a Christian ministry. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannan is there right now. Yohannan says the tragedy struck in the state of Assam. He says, “Two tribes the Kuki tribe and (the) Karbi tribe. And, one of the elders of our church, two of his children were murdered by the tribe that is fighting against his tribe.”

Yohannan says they were the teenage sons of Rustam (roo-STAHM), who heads up GFA’s English Medium School. The murders were in retaliation against the Karbi (kahr-bee) tribe, who kidnapped 28 Kukis (koo-KEES) and murdered eight.
Yanhannan says while this is tragic, he’s hoping for a positive response. “The churches spend days in fasting and praying because they realize that it’s satanic forces behind the scenes. The Lord gives them grace and power and this really ignites a new burden for them to do the work of the Lord.”

GFA has more than 120 churches planted among the Karbi tribe. He says they just started work in the Kuki tribe. Five missionaries are currently working there. They’re going door-to-door sharing the Gospel.

While this doesn’t appear to be a case of persecution against believers, Yohannan says that is still happening across the country. He says, “The Hindu Fundamentalists some times go house-to-house warning people not to let Christians into their home.” However, this can sometimes back-fire on them. “Many people are curious about these warnings” and invite them in to see what their message is all about.

Pray that the Lord continues to use these opportunities to lead many more to Christ.

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