Students come to learn English, hear Gospel

By July 24, 2013
China Partner is involved in many training capacities sharing the Gospel. (Photo courtesy of China Partner)

China Partner is involved in many training capacities sharing the Gospel. (Photo courtesy of China Partner)

China (MNN) — When going on a missions trip to another country, it’s often helpful if you can speak the native language.

However, for this missions trip to China, the only requirement is that you speak English.

A team of 12 people with China Partner left yesterday to assist English Camps in Sichuan, China. This is the 7th missions team China Partner has sent for this purpose. They will return on August 10.

These English Camps are organized by Hua Mei International, a Christian non-profit Chinese organization. China Partner has been working with Hua Mei since 2006 to help with English Camps. It’s a unique doorway to sharing the Gospel message.

Erik Burklin, President of China Partner, explains, “Students can come and practice their conversational English. And of course as a result of that, all the teachers who are invited by Hua Mei to come and help them with their camp since they’re Christian you have this natural opportunity of sharing the Good News of Jesus with these students.”

Hua Mei and China Partner are able to carry on this ministry since the founding pastor is registered with the Chinese government as well as his organization. “In fact they welcome it because they realize he is a service to the community and to the people of China. As long as the government feels that’s what you’re doing is serving them and the citizens of China, they’re very positive,” says Burklin. “We’ve never had an issue in fact to the point where in the lesson plan itself, Hua Mei has developed using Bible stories as part of the lesson plan.”

For many Chinese students at the camp it’ll be the first time they’ve heard the Gospel. Some students come having heard about Jesus Christ before, and through conversations at the camp they accept Him as their Savior. For others, English Camp acts as a seed-planted for the Gospel.

Burklin shares how you can pray. “For safety and for good health. We’re going to be in a very hot region in Sichuan province. It ranges from 90-100 degrees every day. We will be conducting these classes in no air-conditioned classrooms. That’s always a big challenge for us so we will try to stay hydrated…. Then just that God would already now draw the hearts of those students who will coming to the English Camp on the Chinese side to Himself so that as they get to know us, we would have good spiritual conversations and allow them to make the next step to become Jesus-followers.”

Click here to contact China Partner about joining them next year on a trip to China for English Camps.

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