Students drink water for 10 Days; money saved builds wells

By October 25, 2010

International (MNN) — Coffee, soda, energy drinks. A lot of people buy these things on a daily basis. It may only be a dollar or two for each drink, but that money sure adds up. Living Water International wants college students to think about spending that money a little differently for a few days.

The Wells Project of Living Water launches its 10 Days campaign today. 10 Days challenges college students to drink only water for ten days, starting today, October 25, and ending November 3. As students choose a water-bottle over a latte, each dollar saved is to go toward Living Water. That money will in turn go to build wells for people that have no access to clean water, much less a cappuccino.

Living Water's Henry Proegler says many schools across the United States have hopped on board with the 10 Days idea. "It's mostly just a grassroots effort with the schools promoting it through Facebook and Twitter, and also holding up banners on campus and getting local churches involved."

The goal for the campaign is to raise money to bring clean water and the Gospel message to people around the globe. But the campaign will hopefully change the hearts of those involved, as well. "It's as much about providing water as it is about just kind of changing our perspective. The reality is: we have a ton, and a lot of people in the world have very little. And Jesus was very clear with what we're supposed to do with that."

The project will clearly have more than an international impact, though. The campaign will also serve, as similar campaigns have done in the past, as a community builder and as a local outreach to the student body.

"Everyone has this desire [for] redemption, whether they're a Christian or not. They might not know where that comes from, and as Christians we can say, ‘That's because our God is a Redeemer,'" says Proegler. "People of all faiths and backgrounds get involved, and it's a beautiful thing when a student comes up to one of our Wells Project tables and asks, ‘Why are you guys doing this?' And they're able to share their faith."

Living Water has been hosting concerts on various college campuses for over a week to help get the word out. College students from all over are getting involved, but anyone can join in the challenge. If you'd like to participate, get a group of friends together, agree to drop your drinks for 10 Days, and watch the Lord work. (Click here to get a Participant Kit and a scorecard.) On November 4, you can donate all you've saved on beverages at the 10 Days Web site.

As you get involved, pray for those who will eventually receive clean water and the Gospel message as a result of this simple sacrifice. Pray that God would change your heart, as well, as you praise Him for all He has blessed you with.

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