Students injured, Bible College vandalized

By May 13, 2010

India (MNN) — Christians in India were the targets of more violence by Hindu extremists.

According to Gospel for Asia, seven students were seriously injured when a mob of people stormed onto their Bible college campus Sunday evening in Mumbai (Bombay), India. The students were preparing their evening meal when the attackers, armed with wooden sticks and iron rods, came onto the campus and began beating them. The students tried to talk to their attackers and ask what their complaint was, but they received no answer.

The reason for the assaults is unknown. The seven students are recovering in the hospital. Two of them sustained broken bones. Another lost three teeth, and the rest have various injuries from the beatings.

The campus itself also sustained damage. A number of windows were broken. Some furniture and teaching materials were also destroyed.

It is summer vacation time for this campus, which is why there were only 20 students on-site. The police are investigating the attack.

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