Students’ passion for evangelism spreads

By November 12, 2007

Paraguay (MNN) – Gina and Kait, SIM International missionaries, went to Paraguay early this year not sure if their ministry would accomplish what they felt called to do–to make disciples capable of making disciples.

When they first met Yanice, she had only been a Christian for a few months. Yanice had found herself reluctantly involved in the empty lifestyle of partying where there was
smoking, drinking and sexual music. Yanice's best friend Cesia had shared Christ with her, and Yanice accepted Him fully. 

The missionaries began teaching an evangelism class to between 10 and 20 young adults in Villarrica. The class centered around the training Kait and Gina had in Evangelism
Explosion and the Evangecube, and the students were became more and more serious about sharing the Gospel.

As the six-week class went by, stories began coming in about the students sharing the Gospel in school with friends and neighbors and even strangers. The class began going into the streets and parks to put into practice what they were learning. The first time they did so, 20 people indicated that they wanted to follow Christ.

Later, a nearby SIM sister church invited the class to come share what they had learned with their youth group. Yanice and Cesia, along with another young man in the class, willingly volunteered. The three successfully taught the sister youth group and even took the youth group out to do street evangelism. Eight people came to Christ that day because of the fire for evangelism that the two girls and the young man had shared. 

Today, the groups meet weekly to do street evangelism.

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