Students travel to rough part of country

By August 3, 2007

Romania (MNN) — There are many stories about what God is doing in Romania. However, there are still "dark" regions of the country. Dave Tippit with Eternal Concepts of Sammy Tippit Ministires went to these areas. 

Tippit brought 21 Romanian students from the largest evangelical university in Europe. The students who went on the two and a half week trip were all Christians involved in various fields of study.

The trip focused on discipleship training as well as outreach. Tippit says outreach is a
natural response for believers. "Once He begins to develop a work in a person's life, its going to be natural to look outward and to see where we can make a difference in this world. So, to me they go hand in hand with being a following of Christ (discipleship and evangelism). You can't separate the two."

The group visited an orphanage where they gave out toys and did agape runs. An agape run involves distributing food to needy villages. They also traveled to the south where they had soccer matches for youth and presented the Gospel at half time. 

Tippit said the most exciting thing they did was to take water to a village of 300 people who had been suffering from a drought. They also sang and shared the Gospel; several people came to Christ.

With many young people leaving Romania after it joined the European Union, these students have a heart for their own country. "Several of the students had never been to this region of their country–the southern region where it was hard," said Tippit.

Tippit said the students were motivated and excited. "People were fighting to be able to serve and to make a difference, and they wanted to share the Gospel with as many
people as possible. And they prayed–they had fervent prayers for their people. So I was extremely encouraged by this groups of students."

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