Studio completion = Scriptures for more oral learners

By November 3, 2015
Courtesy Photo from ASM via FaceBook. WCOI dedication.

Courtesy Photo from ASM via FaceBook. WCOI dedication.

India (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries and their ministry partner, World Cassette Outreach in India, have been praying for years for a new ministry center and audio studio. Well, now their prayers have been answered.

Their previous center was prone to flooding and worse: it was at the point of no return–or at least no fixing. But, rebuilding also gave WCOI a chance to update their technology.

JP Sundararajan of ASM and partner with WCOI says, “Our studio was first designed in the mid-80s, and it was very cutting-edge back in the day when we were doing a lot of our audio Bible distributions in the form of cassettes. And while we’ve improved our equipment that we use…, the recording process has needed to be updated.”

So, as God answered prayers, the construction began.

“But as often construction projects go, especially in places like India, it just threw a lot of chaos into our ministry,” explains Sundararajan.

While the ministry center underwent construction, a lot of WCOI’s recording projects had to be outsourced to studios around Bangalore, where they’re located. But, this was only one of the problems to overcome.

“We’ve kinda hit this point now with our recording projects where the literacy in some of these language groups we’re working on are all at 0%. So, it’s very very hard to find readers for some of these languages,” laments Sundararajan.

But even with this, God has been faithful. On average, WCOI usually records three to four languages each year. Last year alone, they were able to record 10 new languages. And this was BEFORE their audio studio was finished.

Courtesy Photo from ASM via FaceBook. Tsakani Studios, LLC

Tsakani Studios, LLC
(Photo courtesy ASM via FaceBook)

“We have only recently finished the studio. Next week I’m headed to India and will be inaugurating our first recording projects there,” says Sundararajan.

In addition, the ministry center now also has a facility for their tribal readers to stay. A video component is also being added so the ministry can begin doing video projects.

Now, blessed with an up-to-date-studio and a fully functioning ministry center, WCOI and its partner are excited to see what else God has in store.

“Pray for a focus there. Pray for the equipment itself and that it will all function correctly,”
Sundararajan asks. “And most of all, pray for the thousands and thousands of people who are still waiting to hear God’s Word.”

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