Study reveals Iraqi television viewing habits

By March 25, 2009

Iraq (MNN) — Violence in Iraq is as effective as a night
curfew in keeping people at home. 

David Harder with SAT-7 says there's a natural audience for
television.  A recent study of viewing
habits conducted by Intermedia revealed some interesting results for the
ministry. "This survey found
that 97-percent of people in that country have satellite television, and that 5.3 million people out of 28 million Iraqis are watching the broadcasts
and receiving the good news of Jesus."

This is a confirmation that encourages the SAT-7 team. From the responses they receive, they know
their broadcasts have impact; but the study provided empirical data as well as scope.  

The Christian community in Iraq numbers less than 600,000, so the
assumption is that the majority of SAT-7's viewers are Muslims. The breakdown of the population, according to
the CIA World Factbook, is Shia, numbering 60-65 percent; Sunni make up
32-37 percent.

According to Harder, on a weekly basis, between nine and ten
million people tune into the network, whose programs are broadcast in three
languages: Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. There is also a group of programs that are produced by Iraqis for Iraqis. 

Harder notes that SAT-7 is providing desperately-needed support
to the struggling Christian community in Iraq. 
"I spoke with an Iraqi pastor who told me that years ago, they
had no material that they could give out to people, so having television was
such an important tool for them."

Keep praying for the believers in Iraq. "We know that within Iraq, churches are
growing. They're also facing tremendous pressures and persecution. We're
excited that as a satellite television broadcaster we can be part of that growth and can be an instrumental tool for local churches to use."

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