Successful church planting in Brazil

By September 30, 2003

Brazil (MNN) — The president of White Fields Incorporated recently traveled to South America to see first-hand how their ministry is effecting some of the people there.

Stephen Lonetti says the people of Brazil are very passionate about missions and leading others to Christ.

They have very few links to Western organizations and have their own goals of reaching their fellow countrymen with the Gospel. Lonetti says, “when they see a new satellite city develop, which we would call suburb, they immediately go in and buy up three lots. They begin to evangelize the area and start home groups. When the home groups become large enough then a church is built on a lot along with the pastor’s home. As the church grows they expand and use their third lot for parking.”

The Brazilians have a passion for missions. Lonetti says, “(they’re) becoming a sending nation. White Fields is partnering along-side them to help where needed so the churches in Brazil can be a support base to send missionaries to other countries.”

Lonetti asks for prayer as the Brazilians look for ways to partner with others in prayer and financially as they seek to spread the Gospel.

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