Sudan: Bible translators lead unreached people groups to Christ

By February 6, 2024

Sudan (MNN) — The Lord moves mightily despite Sudan’s constant bloodshed.

Over 82 percent of Sudan’s 171 people groups do not know Christ and have no access to the Gospel. John*, an unfoldingWord partner, says Sudan’s current war is driving many individuals from these unreached people groups closer to believers.

“Refugees from those tribes are coming across the border, and now they can [join] the disciple-making movement,” John says.

“Only God can do this.”

unfoldingWord and John’s organization, which we cannot name for security purposes, train Sudanese Christians in Church-Centric Bible Translation. More about that here.

The goal is to make God’s Word accessible in Sudan’s minority languages and fuel church-planting efforts among unreached people groups or UPGs.

(Photo courtesy of unfoldingWord)

“These translation teams have already translated 50 Bible stories that take someone from Genesis to Revelation,” John says.

When the war broke out last April, believers organized themselves into seven teams working in seven locations along the Sudanese border. At least 10.7 million people in Sudan have been uprooted by conflict, and over 1.5 million Sudanese have fled to neighboring countries.

As they meet refugees from their tribe, believers introduce them to the God of heaven. Life-changing transformation is the result.

“It provides an opportunity for them to interact with God, for the first time, in their heart language because in Islam, God speaks Arabic,” John says.

“Most of these people have never prayed to God in their own language ever.”

People are open to something other than Islam for the first time in centuries. Help give the Gospel to Sudan here.





Header image is a representative stock photo depicting a group of men in Khartoum, Sudan. Photo courtesy of ammarhreib/Pixabay.

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