Sudan braces for unrest as ICC decision looms

By February 27, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — The International Criminal Court says it will announce on March 4 its decision whether to issue a warrant for President Omar al-Bashir. He's accused of masterminding a campaign of murder, torture and rape by government troops and Arab militias in Dafur where hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions left homeless.

President of Kids Alive International Al Lackey is in Sudan where they operate three children's homes in the north and one in the south. Lackey says, "I think everybody's very tense right now with the ICC ruling coming very soon. I had dinner the other night with other NGO's (non-government organizations), and they're all making plans just in case something of significance happens."

Kids Alive is making plans, too, says Lackey. "For our homes, they're going out to buy extra food, much like you would if a weather crisis were coming, so we're trying to prepare our staff. Our western staff will be out of here by Saturday."

While they're watching the situation carefully, they continue with their plans to expand the ministry. Lackey says Kids Alive would like to build another home in the north and another in the south. He says there are thousands of children who have lost their parents to war, HIV/AIDS, or they are simply lost.

Lackey says the need for children's homes is great. "Everybody needs a foundation of a family or a home. We give them the education and the stability, the love, the care."

But Lackey says Kids Alive is doing more than that. "We can love them and meet their physical needs, but we also want to meet their spiritual needs so they have the same eternal hope we all have as believers in Jesus Christ."

Kids Alive is taking care of 300 kids right now. Lackey says, "We'd like to see that number grow to 600 over the next three or four years. Our development is so asset driven. We need a place for the children to live, we need to hire and train staff, and we need to find good men and women to work in those homes."

The ministry could use your financial assistance to help build these two home, while supporting the existing ministry. If you can help, click here.

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