Ebola emerges in Uganda

By September 30, 2022

Uganda (MNN) — In Uganda, an Ebola outbreak has infected at least 36 people, and 23 of them have died.

This is the first outbreak of the Sudan strain of ebolavirus in a decade. The more common Zaire strain has vaccines, but they will not work against the Sudan strain. Health officials scramble to contain the outbreak and test vaccines.

Global Disciples

Sherry Lee with Global Disciples says, “With our staff, it always amazes me how resilient they are and how these things don’t seem to faze them, even though they’re big issues. So, according to him, things are going as normal. Travel is normal. There was one hiccup with the Rwandan border a few days ago. That was closed temporarily. But the government resolved that and got the border reopened. That’s the only traveled restrictions that they’re having.”

Global Disciples operates 116 active programs in Uganda, especially focusing on rural and hard-to-reach areas. Lee says, “We have about 55 global disciples training programs. Twenty-one are small business development. That is to help people sustain themselves so that at year four, they can be self-sustaining. And about 40 of those are leadership equipping and developing programs.”

“We train leaders to make disciples and do their own trainings.”

This approach, leaders training up more leaders, leads to a church that may not have a building or dedicated staff. It looks more like the early church as described in the New Testament.

Pray for effective treatments against the Sudan ebolavirus. And pray the work of Global Disciples will show Jesus’ love.



The header photo shows an Ebola outbreak in Uganda in 2000. (Photo courtesy of Daniel Bausch, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, CDC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons) 

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