Sudan, Uganda receive biblical training

By June 29, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — Words of Hope is expanding their ministry in Sudan, as well as Uganda. They'll be holding discipleship and leadership conferences in each of these countries over
the next year.

Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope explained why such training is so vital in these areas. "Many of the growing churches inside of these countries are led by people who really don't have much pastoral training. And by providing training
to a greater degree and conducting some conferences in the coming year, we believe we can be helpful," he said.

Words of Hope will work closely with churches which will help the training to be more effective. "They'll help to identify some of the most needy and worthy candidates for such
training, and we'll try to organize the necessary details so that can be provided," DeYoung said. 

Christian radio ministries of Words of Hope have already been established in Sudan. They
broadcast in five local languages: Nuer, Dinka, Arabic, Bari, and English. These have been an avenue for encouraging peaceful relations within the country, which has been torn apart by civil war. Their programs in Dinka and Nuer has some of the largest audiences in all of FM radio in that region. Radio is the main source of information for people in much of Sudan–greater than television, newspaper, and internet. 

The story is very similar in Uganda where Words of Hope broadcasts in three different languages. More and more congregations there are becoming actively involved in the
radio ministry. 

Pray that these conferences will be the beginning of another expansion to ministry in Sudan and Uganda. Pray that leaders will share what they've learned with their church families.  

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