Sudan war: “This is not going to be over soon”

By February 13, 2024

Sudan (MNN) — A massive communications blackout crippled life-saving aid deliveries in Sudan this week. The latest food security analysis shows the highest levels of hunger ever recorded during the four-month harvest season.

Two generals have been fighting for control of Sudan since April 15. Their ongoing war has killed thousands of people, displaced almost eight million, and sparked warnings of famine. See our full coverage here.

A family seeks shelter from bombings among the rocks.
(Photo, caption courtesy VOM USA)

“This kind of suffering is happening all over the globe,” says John*, a Gospel worker focused on Sudan.

“The [Bible’s prediction in] Matthew 24 of wars and rumors of wars is happening on a staggering scale.”

Meanwhile, Sudan’s army is warming up to Iran in hopes of gaining advanced weaponry after ending progress toward a diplomatic end to the war in January.

“We’re making the assessment – this is not going to be over soon, and so we’re working to do what we do as long as it’s needed,” John says.

John’s group, which we cannot name for security purposes, supports Sudanese church planters who work with Sudanese refugees in seven locations.

“They have learned to go to where the people are to bring trauma healing, to bring the hope of the Gospel; to put in place people who know Christ, who know the Muslim context, and who are filled with the Holy Spirit to stand and bring an answer of hope, which is only Christ,” John says.

“It’s filled with sacrifice and challenge, but these people on the ground are hardy. They are resilient because of Christ, not because of their experience with war.”

Find specific ways to help these Gospel workers here.

“In the 15+ years that I’ve been involved with indigenous leaders in Sudan and South Sudan, there have only been three years without war,” John says.

“When there’s not a civil war, there’s a conflict between tribes.”





Header image courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs USA.

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