Sudanese Arabic provides gateway to unreached language groups

By March 29, 2022

Sudan (MNN) — Approximately 80-percent of Sudan’s people groups are “unreached.” That means they don’t have local believers nearby or the resources they need to discover Christ. unfoldingWord partners with church planting networks to change these realities.

Arne* says, “92-percent of the country is predominantly Islamic. There’s only a tiny portion that is evangelical Christian, so this is a difficult environment geopolitically.”

Right now, unfoldingWord is helping local believers develop Bible translation tools in Sudanese Arabic. Through a special matching grant, gifts to the Sudanese Arabic project will go twice as far.

(Photo courtesy of Yusef Yasssir/Unsplash)

“Probably by the first week of April, we will have finished our first series of what we call OBS workshops,” Arne says.

“There will be 50 Open Bible Stories available in Sudanese Arabic and one minority language as part of that project.”

Using the training from unfoldingWord and tools in Sudanese Arabic, bilingual believers can start translating God’s Word into minority languages. Plus, church planters use the Open Bible Stories in their community outreach.

“The next phase is for [church planting partners] to execute another Open Bible Stories workshop series,” Arne says.

“Once we know that they can teach and train [believers in] other languages, they’re free to execute these kinds of workshops with any of [Sudan’s] minority languages.”

unfoldingWord equips indigenous believers to reach their communities for Christ. Learn how you can help here.

“When we start a partnership like this, it’s a long-running one. We focus on the full equipping of the [church planting] network, so we’ve only just begun,” Arne says.




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