Sudanese Muslims open to audio Scripture

By June 14, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — Good news surfaces amid Sudan’s war: the country may be falling apart, but Gospel workers are still carrying out their mission.

Sudanese Christian leaders “can now have non-confrontational conversations about the things of God with people [who] would have never considered Jesus Christ,” says Ed Weaver of Spoken Worldwide.

Typically, in Sudanese culture, “if they (Christians) were to hand a Bible in printed form to their Muslim friends, most would not receive it as a gift,” Weaver explains.

“[Muslims] think of their Koran as the holy book. They do not want to engage with anything written that someone else might consider holy.”

Christian leaders partner with Spoken to develop an Oral Bible Translation in Sudanese Arabic. Believers create this version of God’s Word in audio rather than written text, making it easier to understand and share.

Did you know 2/3 of the world’s population are oral learners?
(Graphic, caption courtesy of Spoken Worldwide)

“If they hand an mp3 file to a Muslim, it’ll be received. It’s unexpected that holy information comes via an audio file,” Weaver says.

After believers share the material with Muslim friends, “they have small discussion groups [where] they gather and discuss the Scripture. They end up conversing with their Muslim friends about things of God they would not have had any other way.”

In Sudan and around the world, local “leaders are using the (oral) Scripture on a regular basis to cross boundaries” previously considered unbreachable, Weaver says. Praise God for these unexpected advances.

Pray for continued opportunities to share God’s Word undetected.

“We’re excited about the early response; we think it truly can be a breakthrough,” Weaver says.




Header image is a representative photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide.