Sudanese Muslims turn to Jesus weekly in refugee camps

By December 14, 2023

Sudan (MNN) – The confirmed accounts of genocide and mass murder coming from Sudan are horrific. John*, a Gospel worker focused on Sudan, says RSF fighters want to obliterate the Masalit tribe.

“What they are doing is like ISIS. A week or ten days ago, they killed 800 in a day – 800,” John says. “They’re taking the women, and they say, ‘You will become my next wife.’ If [the woman] says ‘No,’ they kill them.”

Yet, hope remains. In the countries surrounding Sudan, “We have teams in six locations where Sudanese refugees are. Our teams are doing trauma healing and listening to people’s stories,” John says.

“God is at work, and He is greater than the enemy.”

Along with helping people from the Masalit tribe process their trauma, believers share the hope of Christ.

“There are 10 Masalit believers that our organization trained. They are baptizing people coming to Christ every week,” John says.

According to Joshua Project, Sudan is full of unreached people groups (UPGs.) Since Sudan was under strict Islamic rule for decades, the vast majority of these UPGs are Muslim.

Many people who belong to UPGs are now on the run because of the war. They’re meeting Christians and hearing the Gospel for the very first time.

“Refugees from Sudan, who come from tribes that have no believers or only a handful of believers, in one week, 40 came to Christ” in one location sheltering refugees, John says.

“This [development] is groundbreaking in evangelism amongst Sudanese Muslims.”





Header image depicts Masalit tribal dancers at a 2014 event in Darfur, Sudan. (Photo courtesy UNAMID via Flickr/CC)

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