Sudan’s elections usher in hope for the future

By April 14, 2010

Sudan (MNN) — Sudan's elections conclude tomorrow. They're a key part of the 2005 Comprehensive
Peace Accord (CPA) that ended two decades of fighting between Sudan's northern
and southern regions. The conflict killed as many as two million people.  

Confusion, delays and charges of fraud marked the event at
the beginning. Polls were extended by
two days after technical difficulties at polling stations threatened to
undermine the legitimacy of the outcome.

Lee DeYoung with Words of Hope explains the historical
significance of the polls. "It will be the first time that Southern
Sudanese will be able to elect their own representatives at least to the
regional parliament and other offices in South Sudan, which is headquartered in

They are also a prelude to a referendum on independence
slated for January 2011 in the South. "It does seem as if the mistrust of the Southern Sudanese for fair
representation in Khartoum is at a high enough level that most feel it would be
best for them to separate." 

So far, the voting has been peaceful, in spite of some early
confusion at the polls. The threat of violence hangs heavy. Words of Hope's programs regularly address
the issue of peace and reconciliation. DeYoung says their team is praying for
continued open doors for the Gospel. "Words of Hope ministers in South Sudan in Dinka and Nuer. Words of Hope will continue to monitor
reports from our people."

The instability of the region has had its impact in the past
on the radio outreach. In November, DeYoung
says they decided to move the Dinka broadcast to a more hostile region, away
from the relatively peaceful area on the
border of Kenya and Sudan.

DeYoung said in November: "The people there are hopeful that this step (and perhaps doing so
with regard to other programs, such as those in Nuer) might also increase the
effectiveness and the fruit that might come about establishing peace and
reconciliation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ as shared on the radio."

Keep praying for the future of Sudan, that the message of
peace and reconciliation through Christ would take root.

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