Summer camps effective evangelical tool

By June 1, 2010

International (MNN) — Campgrounds across the former Soviet Union once used by communists to indoctrinate children with anti-God sentiments are now being used to share Christ.

Every summer, Russian Ministries conducts summer camps for at least 5,000 kids throughout Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Chechnya, the Northern Caucasus and Central Asia.

"Summer camps are the most effective and strategic opportunity for evangelical outreach in order to reach out to the Next Generation," Russian Ministries' Senior Vice President Sergey Rakhuba told ASSIST News.

Since 1999, Russian Ministries has held summer camps, sharing the hope of Christ with children from the streets, without parents, from abusive homes, with disabilities, and from war-ravaged countries. Many would never have the chance to hear the message of Christ unless they attended camp.

As summer fast approaches, you can help send a kid to one of these "camps of hope" for $50. Rakhuba said, "If you send one child for one week, you may change an entire nation for the future and the child will be impacted by spending time with a Christian counselor and learning about Jesus."

These children may become future national leaders, community leaders or missionaries.

Visit and consider sponsoring a child to attend summer camp. Also, Russian Ministries is offering a gift from a Ukrainian or American artist for every donation.

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